Rachel B.

1 year experience

​Graduated paragon school of pet grooming 600 hour program in July 2017, enjoys hand scissoring and patterns, working towards becoming a certified master groomer.


Leah S.

6 years experience

(Wyoming Store)

​Leah loves the bully breeds like pits and bulldogs. She also does a great job with Shih-Tzus, Poodles & Bichons.

Carrie Sessions

11 years experience

​Carrie brings a wealth of experience in grooming and training. Her expertise is in scissoring and patterns with all breeds, especially Doodles. Carrie loves senior and special needs pets.

Grooming ~ Daycare ~ Boarding ~ Training ~ Puppy Class ~ Obedience

Shar C.

2 years experience

By appointment only, Shar loves to groom all breeds and loves Bichons. She enjoys grooming the ones that are challenging or have behavior issues. 

Stacie W.

5 years experience

Expert groomer who loves the bathing and brushing part of the job. Stacie is an amazing stylist with artistic tendencies. She Standard Poodles, Doodles, Westies, Wheatens, Airedales, and any complex hairstyles. Stacie is certified in Pet First Aid by The American Red Cross.

Ray N.

Customer Service & Nutrition

Ray will answer your nutrition questions and help you in making a decision regarding your pet's nutrition needs.

Whittney H.

3 years experience

Whittney has quickly become an experienced groomer. Meticulous and likes perfection. Whittney likes all breeds and isn't afraid to handle the difficult ones. Whittney has an Associates degree in Business

Shelley H.

7 years experience

Groomer and expert bather of large dogs. Shelley strives for perfection in every groom from Airedales to Yorkies and everything in between.

Meet Our Professional Team

Wash & Wags is a full-service grooming shop including a boarding area for dogs, self wash, daycare retail, training, and veterinary services. 


In addition to 9 graduate groomers, Wash & Wags maintains a staff of highly trained assistants. 


Wash & Wags is the only shop in West Michigan to groom small and large dogs as well as offer Boarding, Daycare, Training, Retail and Veterinary services under one roof.

What to Expect

A friendly greeting.

We want you to feel at home as soon as you walk in.


Genuine concern.

Every one of us is a pet-owner. We will treat your pet like it was our own.


Professional service.

Our dedicated staff will provide the expert care you and your pet deserve.

A Word About Wash & Wags

Lexi T.


Lexi is a full time student at GVSU and helps out after school. In the short time she's been here, she has learned almost every dog's name. Lexi always shows up with a smile and ready to play with all the dogs.

Taylor B.

1 Year experience

(Wyoming Store)

Taylor is one of our newest groomers and has proven herself very quickly. She is not afraid to tackle the difficult dogs and she is one of the few that will also do cats. 

Taylor is surrounded by other Paragon graduates and continues to learn and improve her skills on a daily basis.

Mel B

Customer Service

Mel is in Customer Service and does the follow-up with our customers regarding their visits, or future needs. 

Kylea B.

Daycare Supervisor

Kylea is our Daycare Supervisor and she takes care of all of our Daycare and Boarding dogs. She knows them by name and handles each and everyone of them like a pro. She loves what she does and she is great at it.

Brittany L.

Licensed Vet Tech

1 year experience

Brittany is a Licensed Vet Tech who graduated from Baker College. Brittany completed an intense in house training program. She does a great job with large Bath & Brush dogs as well as the small haircut dogs.

Calli B.

Customer Service

Calli is our full time Customer Service representative. She is likely your first point of contact with us whether on the phone or in person. Calli is always smiling and gives her undivided attention to everyone.

Pam Y.

1 year experience

​(Wyoming Store)

Pam is one of our newest groomer and has shown to have a natural talent for grooming. She loves all types of dogs and takes her time with each and every one.

Nikki D.

3 years experience

(Wyoming Store)

Nikki started with us in February of 2016 as a recent graduate from Paragon Grooming School. She came highly recommended by her instructors and it shows. Early signs tell us that she's got the touch. Nikki loves all types of dogs but her favorites are the Golden Retrievers. 

Bre T.

1 Year experience

Bre graduated from Paragon School of Grooming after completing over 250 hrs of hands-on training. Bre loves grooming all dogs from Rottweilers to Shih-Tzus. She loves playing with dogs and making them feel pampered.

Tricia N.

Customer Service & Co-Owner  

Tricia is always available to check you in/out and answer any of your questions. Tricia has many years of customer service experience and it shows.